The Complete Fractions Online Course




Lifetime access – 57 structured video lessons – Test yourself after each lesson

By purchasing this course, you will have a complete understanding of all fractions topics and methods! Each lesson is broken down into short easy-to-follow segments, with lots of visuals and worked examples.


The Complete Fractions course is recommended for both absolute beginners as well as anyone who wants to consolidate their knowledge of fractions.

This highly visual course comprises 57 structured video lessons that take you from the absolute basics of fractions through to more complex fraction calculations. Each lesson is logically sequenced and will build on the knowledge learnt in previous lessons.

No prior knowledge of fractions is required to complete this course. All necessary fraction knowledge will be provided in the video lessons.

This course includes approximately 4 hours of video content and each lesson contains summary points and a quiz to check your understanding of each lesson as you go.

The main units covered  in this course are:

  1.  Introduction to Fractions
  2. Simple Addition and Subtraction
  3. Finding Fractions of Amounts
  4. Mixed Numbers and Improper Fractions
  5. Equivalent Fractions
  6. Fraction Addition and Subtraction
  7. Fraction Multiplication
  8. Fraction Division


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